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Diversity And Web Design


Diversity in all of life is an important aspect to have in mind when interacting with others in the workplace, home, school, friendships, and more. This concept encompasses acceptance, and respect. It means understanding that each individual you come into contact with is unique,and recognizing our differences. Some differences include race, ethnicity, gender, age, talents, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. It’s the exploration of these differences in a safe, positive, and nurturing environment that help each of us to grow and become what we were meant to be. It is about learning to understand each other and moving beyond simple tolerance to embrace and celebrate the richness of these diversities in one another.

Having said this, lets look at the diversities of a team and how the team is to operate. Teams are expected to produce results. But this can be hindered by team members not working well with each other. Not keeping in mind the differences/talents of each member. It is so essential for a team to learn how to interact with one another. Ways to achieve this are to have a common purpose and goals, trust each other, clarify roles, communicate openly and effectively, APPRECIATE DIVERSITY AMONG THE MEMBERS, and balance the team’s focus.

Team members come from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and perspectives. Ideas for taking advantage of team diversity include:
Remember that reasonable people can and do differ with each other and really this is an asset to the team! Try to learn as much as you can from others, evaluate new ideas based on it’s merits, avoid remarks that draw negative attention to a person’s unique characteristics, and don’t ignore the differences among the team members. Use them to your advantage instead!

Most website companies who create websites for clients have teams/or a team. Each team member adds a diverse set of skills to the team.  Bringing important and valuable information, creativity, and insight to the creation of a website! The art of design can lend itself to so many variables and preferences. Thus making the team of diverse talents a very important part of creating a standards compliant, functional, attractive, clean productive, and successful website to be proud of.

A website in and of itself is full of diversity. Some may want a simple verses complex design. There is no one-do-it-all design. Using diversity to create something uniquely you is what makes for great web design and helps you and the team stand out from the crowd.  The diversity of web design means there are a  lot of options to fit a design with your preferences, tastes, and needs. While meeting the needs of your clients site visitors and providing them a great online experience through the diversity your company team.







The Importance of Setting Goals

Goal setting is a major key in success. It helps us to keep our commitments to self and to others. Tracking the progress of our goals helps to show how we are progressing to the completion of them. It encourages us to keep moving forward as we see the goals we have accomplished! What I have learned about goal setting is that it’s good to make a yearly goal list. As well as monthly and daily goal lists. Also to prioritize them, listing immediate, not so immediate, and long term goals. This will help keep us in line for those goals we set for the five year & ten year marks of our lives. Asking ourselves things like where do I want to be, what do I want to be doing, what kind of job do I want to be working, how much money would I like to be making?  When would I like to be married, how many kids do I want to have, how much to save for college, dinner planning is another way to set goals and keep your family healthy and happy! There are many areas in our lives that would benefit from doing this. Asking ourselves serious questions that shape our future and the future of our children.

It’s really good to start doing this early in your life. I have been teaching my kids this and how important it is for us to do it. It helps us to achieve the success we’d like to have. Once you have made decisions about the career you want to have in life it’s good to start setting those goals to help you achieve this. When I made a choice to undertake web design I began to make goals to achieve this and be successful. It took the help of my teacher and other’s to make it through this goal. As an encouragement I’d like to add that when life gives you mountains to get over to achieve your goal, don’t give up! Better to be slow in achieving the goal than not to achieve it at all!

As a result of all I have learned I realize how important it is to set goals for creating web sites for yourself and for clients. There are many aspects to take into consideration when creating web sites for businesses. And listing the goals of the client is crucial to achieving their goals! As I learn about running a business and the needs that need to be covered I see many areas where listing the goals helps. Doing so will award you with successful results. Then everyone is happy! And that’s what matters! Goals met, site designed well, and satisfied clients whose business booms due to your creation and their ideas put together!

Happy website building folks, make every one your best one by setting goals!

Example of Finished Goal


Our lives are full of choices and decisions! And they have a life long impact on us. We are required to makes these in all kinds of  situations and circumstances we find ourselves in.  In today’s world we are all so busy and moving so fast. So the choices we make are very important for us and our families, our future generations, and our world. It is vital that we make them wisely. What kind of effect are your choices producing? Personally I usually pray “asking for guidance”. I have made many mistakes that caused me to suffer and other’s around me. I learned from them greatly! Changing the way I make choices and operate in my life today.I have learned it’s better to rely on God to make my path straight and to be in His will. Not mine.

Everyday presents an opportunity to make a choice on what to wear, when to get out of bed, what kind of attitude we will walk in, how much work to get done, and so on. A couple years ago I made a choice to begin going to school. This choice snowballed into having to make many decisions that would affect my life, my money, and my family. Upon careful consideration I chose to go into Web Design. I was so afraid of making the wrong choice!

But here I am still in school moving forward as I learn all the aspects of XHTML, CSS, Photoshop, and so much more! With this career choice there are many things to choose from concerning designing and building web sites for yourself and for clients. Making business decisions based on the needs of the business you’re creating for. What points or values stand out about your business. Favorite colors, designs, styles, size, type, values, and so much more. So many things to take into consideration when creating the perfect website. Putting aside yourself and any contrary feelings that may arise. Thus making the clients thoughts and purposes the number goal. After all we are there for them!

Creativity is such a wonderful thing that we have in this world. A time when we can use our artistic abilities coupled with the skills we have learned to make honorable, dynamic, bold, beautiful websites that are tailored to the needs of others. Choices are a part of every aspect of this creation and are as many as there are stars! I hope my choices and decisions are the very best for my future and the future of my family, friends, clients, and employer.


Job Shadowing is Great!

Just a quick word about my experience job shadowing at Back 40 Design! It was a great for me to witness a leader in the industry operate on a daily basis. I was g given the opportunity to watch Amy work her magic! She is a great teacher! I learned a few more things about Photoshop as I watched her work. And realized how much I love Photoshop! Her skills really showed out as she revamped a couple websites she had been working on. Making sure to read the customers expectations. And also giving them feedback she believed would make their website a much better one to meet their goals for business. I was able to watch the process she uses daily to make sure all her work was  done in a “very timely manner”. Making me realize I need to work really hard to be able to accomplish the same.

Mr. Miller came around and introduced me to the rest of the team and explained their position in the team. Also stating that several of the team members had more than one skill set to accomplish their job. And that he loves it when his employees have hidden talents to bring to the table! He let me know I could ask anyone any questions I might have. Although I really didn’t have a lot questions. I just observed and listened to the team as they worked to better understand how a design team works together. I now have better understanding of what will be required of me to excel in this industry. As well as what skills I already possess to contribute to a web design team! I am excited about my future in this industry!

I would like to send out a great big THANK YOU to Dave Miller and his team at Back 40 for allowing me to observe and learn. It was a very good learning experience for me and added to what Mrs. Sooter has been teaching me!

If you need a website built for your business I highly recommend Back 40 Design Group for all your business needs! I am positive you will be more than happy! I’ve included their website below for your convenience.


If you’re interested in a possible career in web design, check out Francis Tuttle! They rock!


Portfolio Layout Tutorial

The Photoshop tutorial I chose is for a portfolio of photos for a photographer. It is very bright in colors for the Spring season. Showcasing a beautiful flower in the layout. In this lesson I learned how to ad a pattern of texture to the layer of color which was created with the paint bucket tool  And to blend it to make it a bit smoother looking. Had some trouble with the brush tool at first but kept working with it until I achieved what was called for. I learned how to use the typing tool for the type in the layout. I had to get help to use the gradient to get the right effect for the navigation so in the process learned a bit more about using the gradient tool. I was able to use the skills learned in the fundamental tutorials to insert the photo into the layout and then learned how to outline the photo (the stroke tool)with color to match the rest of the layout. It was fun!  In the beginning I was a bit daunted since the layout tutorial did not have a lot of directions, very little actually. But I researched what I did know or understand. I think the best tip I learned is how to add your own patterns to the Photoshop pattern library. Which I am sure I’ll be using this feature in the workforce as I create new patterns and artwork for websites.